1: Electronic Publishing

This is an account of various possibilities for publishing your family history electronically looking at three levels from simple storage to an interactive CD.

2: Wicks Family History

A cut down version of the Wicks family history of Lydiard Millicent, Wiltshire and Chesterfield, Derbyshire. This was originally posted on the site as an illustration of the family history CD, but has proved to be the most popular item.

3: Kirks of Chesterfield

A colourful family who played important civic and trade roles in Victorian Chesterfield, but with a hint of rebelliousness

4: Wicks Variants

The distribution of the surname Wicks and its main variants in the 1881 UK census.

5: Weeks-Wicks

A slightly tongue in cheek, but serious, look at the origins of the Weeks and Wicks surnames.

6: Three Classic Stumbling Blocks

A rags to riches story that proved difficult to investigate because of surname variants, document inconsistencies and geographical changes.


Geoff Wicks has been researching his family history since 1997, and has occasionally contributed to family history publications. His ancestors come mainly from artisan and working class backgrounds, and in the last century the family greatly benefited from universal education. He is a former probation officer and residential worker who aims to make his ancestors come alive as people.