MAPS (Latitude and Longitude)

These files contain mapping data in the format latitude - space - longitude in plain text format. For these maps in QL x,y coordinate format click on QL x,y coord.

We may be able to supply the data for any part of the world. Just contact us by email giving maximum and minimum latitude and longitude.


AUSTRIA AND SWITZERLAND - (122Kb compressed, 461Kb expanded)

BENELUX - (67Kb compressed, 246Kb expanded)

BRITISH ISLES - (240Kb compressed, 944Kb expanded)

FRANCE - (192Kb compressed, 723Kb expanded)

GERMANY - (192Kb compressed, 749Kb expanded)

GREECE - (139Kb compressed, 522Kb expanded)

ICELAND - (107Kb compressed, 439Kb expanded)

ITALY - (241Kb compressed, 920Kb expanded)

MEDITERRANEAN - (1.090Mb compressed, 4.14Mb expanded)

SCANDINAVIA - (769Kb compressed, 2.947Mb expanded)

SPAIN AND PORTUGAL - (130Kb compressed, 497Kb expanded)



CANADA - (3.584Mb compressed, 14.294Mb expanded)

CARIBBEAN - (450Kb compressed, 1.77Mb expanded)

USA - (1.228Mb compressed, 4.977Mb expanded)


Asia and Australia:

AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND - (680Kb compressed, 2.815Mb expanded)

INDIAN SUBCONTINENT - (522Kb compressed, 1.92Mb expanded)

INDO-CHINA AND MALAYSIA - (699Kb compressed, 2.68Mb expanded)

JAPAN - (196Kb compressed, 764Kb expanded)

MIDDLE EAST - (978Kb compressed, 3.70Mb expanded)


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