JUST WORDS! freeware and dictionaries may be freely copied and distributed provided no financial transaction occurs other than a nominal copy fee for a software library. The copyright of the software remains with the author.

Just Words! Classics:

QL-2-PC TRANSFER is a versatile utility to transfer wordprocessing files between the QL and PC. Accepts files in Quill, Perfection, Text87 and ASCII formats. Accented and similar characters can be correctly transferred and bold, underlined, italic, subscript and superscript text may possibly be transferred from QL to PC. Can convert QL texts into HTML and HTML into ASCII. Also contains a text tidy routine for tidying up downloaded or OCR read texts.

Download QL-2-PC (211Kb)

SOLVIT-PLUS is the ultimate software companion for solvers and compilers of crosswords and other word puzzles. Supplied with a list of 64,500 English words and other lists, including in other languages can be imported into the progam.

Download Solvit-Plus (343Kb)

QL-THESAURUS is the only thesaurus for the QL. It is based on Roget's classic work and has a database of 23,000 words and phrases. Easy navigation via mouse or keyboard.

Download QL-Thesaurus (324Kb)

Download USA spellings for QL-Thesaurus (162Kb)

Download NL-Thesaurus (Dutch language - 13,500 words and phrases) (243Kb)

STYLE-CHECK is the only QL style checker. It can check files in Quill, Perfection, Text87 and ASCII formats. Quick check and standard checking modes with 21 user-configurable items.

Download Style-Check (200Kb)

Download Stijl-Check (Dutch language version) (139Kb)


More Just Words!:

SPELLING-CRIB works in conjunction with the QTYP Spelling Checker to give help with difficult words. Typing in "em/nt" or "dia/a" will find the correct spelling of "embarrassment" and "diarrhoea" respectively. Comes with a 82,000 word QTYP dictionary.

Download Spelling-Crib (163Kb)

QL-RHYMES is a rhyming dictionary for the QL and comes with a data-base of 49,000 words that can be searched phonetically or by end letters.

Download QL-Rhymes (354Kb)

PIN-DOWN is the fun way to remember your PIN-codes. Generates (surreal) rhyming phrases for PIN-codes up to 10 digits long.

Download Pin-Down (67Kb)

AUTO-GRAPH is a handwriting analysis program using a simple questionnaire to take you through the basics of graphology. You need no previous knowledge of the subject, but you should give yourself some learning time. A chance to decide for yourself if graphology is a science, a pseudo-science or just plain nonsense.

Download Auto-Graph (167Kb)


Other Programs:

SILVIA and SOLANO are GD2 colour high resolution versions of Xchange (minus Quill) written by Roger Godley. The zip file also contains some sample Easel files. To run the programs you will need a resolution of exactly 1024 x 768 and a GD2 version of SMSQ-E.

Download GD2Xchange (310Kb)

GENERAL ELECTION is an election analysis program with the 2017 General Election result for the main parties in England, Wales and Scotland. Numerous analytical possibilities and extensive graphics including interactive political maps. Comes in QL colour non pointer version and GD2 colour pointer version. The latter requires a minimum screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.

Download General Election (148Kb)

ELECTION ARCHIVE contains the 1983, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2001, 2005, 2010 and 2015 versions of the above program.

Download election archive (1010Kb)

CALENDAR is a non-pointer GD2 colour program requiring a minimum screen size of 800 x 600 pixels. Unusual as it displays English public holidays including anomalous ones when Christmas or New Year fall on a weekend.

Download calendar (13Kb)

DIALLING CODE is a simple data base of UK dialling codes in Archive _dbf, QL _exp and PC .txt formats.

Download dialcode (107Kb)

POST CODE, written by Dilwyn Jones and Geoff Wicks, displays the location of the first part of any UK postcode.

Download postcode (68Kb)


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