This page gives help and advice about programming, dictionaries and file transfers. It also names some essential QL websites.



If you can program in SuperBasic and have a GD2 system you can program in the new colours. No pointer environment knowledge or skills required!

ColTut.pdf (197Kb)

User Friendly programming

Based on Just Words! practical experience, including mistakes, the complete guide to making your programs user friendly.

UserFriendly.PDF (357Kb)


Adding public holidays to calendar programs.

Calendar.pdf (107Kb)




All you need to know about transferring Abacus files to a PC.

Spreadsheets.pdf (56Kb)

Line Design files

Yes, it is possible to transfer Line Design pages to a PC graphics format. Just Words! used to prepare its adverts in this way.

LD2PC.pdf (39Kb)

Character conversion

A gif image of conversion codes from the QL font to most Windows fonts.

Convert.gif (432Kb)


Words and Dictionaries:

Counting Words

It is more difficult to count words by computer than you might think.

wordcount.pdf (43Kb)

How big?

Does size matter? How big should a spellcheck dictionary be?

Howbig.pdf (45Kb)

Adding and amending words

All you need to know about adding words to QTYP dictionaries.

DIYLEX.pdf (55Kb)

Compilation problems

Some of the difficulties and decisions of compiling you own dictionary.

Compiling.pdf (42Kb)

Programming QTYP

How to use QTYP in your own programs.




QL Wiki. A dedicated QL wiki with a detailed software section.


Another Wiki. This is a more technical one of interest to skilled programmers.


General Information and Software downloads. Voted the best and most popular QL site. Includes a dedicated QL search engine.


PC QL emulator. From here you can download the full version of the most popular QL emulator.


QL-Forum. The newest of the QL Forums.


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