As from 1st January 2018. Just Words! has closed its news service. There are two main reasons for this.

The first is the difficulty of keeping up to date with QL news stories. This has become more and more difficult in recent years and has required more intensive research. This problem reached crisis levels in Autumn 2017 when emailings from the QL-users group abruptly ceased. This appears to have been a technical problem outside Just Words! control and it has proved impossible to find a solution.

The second is changes in the site usage. 80% of visitors to the site now come from outside the QL community, whereas during 2017 the news page received only 5 - 6 hits a week or about 1.5% of the visits to the website. This is too small an amount to justify the work of running a news page.

The remainder of the Just Words! website will remain online.




Until now there has been no history of the period 2005 - 2009. These were turbulent QL years that changed the face of the QL community.

2005 to 2009: 20052009.pdf

2009 to 2013: The Last Five Years

2014: QL2014.pdf

2015: QL2015.pdf

2016: QL2016.pdf


Details of the earlier history can be found in the QL Today archives:

1980s: Volume 4 Issue 5 page 52

1990s: Volume 4 Issue 6 page 10

2000 to 2004: Volume 10 Issue 2 page 15

At the moment there is no account of the years 2005 - 2009. These were turbulent and crisis years during which the influence of the UK on the QL community dimished. Just Words! hopes to post a history of these years early in 2018.



The history of QL Today from birth to closure.

The QL Today Story: QLTstory.pdf


A short history of the QPC.

The QPC Story: QPCstory.pdf


The development of the QL-SD was a long and complicated process.

QL-SD Development: QL-SD



The problems that seemed likely to prevent a 30 year celebration of the QL.

QLis30 History: QLis30 Problems



A report on the QLis30 workshop that was held in spite of the problems

QLis30 workshop report: QLis30workshop.pdf



How two relative newcomers surprised the QL community with a successful online forum.

QL Forum: qlforum.pdf



After a quarter of a century the Q60 began to show its age paving the way for the Q68.

Q60 problems: Q60.pdf



A successful project to catalogue, preserve and re-release QL software until the trolls struck.

QL preservation: QLpreservation.pdf


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