MAPS (QL x,y coordinates)

These files contain mapping data in QL x,y coordinate format corrected for the Mercator projection. For these maps in latitude and longitude format click on Lat/Long.

You are advised to download the Maps Toolkit for help on using these databases.

We may be able to supply the data for any part of the world. Just contact us by email giving maximum and minimum latitude and longitude.

Maps Toolkit:

A guide to using the QL maps with help programs and routines, including a simple map display program, that you are welcome to use in your own programs. The toolkit consists of a PDF manual and a folder containing the SuperBasic examples. You are advised to unzip it in a non-QL environment and then transfer the programs folder to a QL medium.

Download Maps Toolkit (111Kb)


AUSTRIA AND SWITZERLAND - (93Kb compressed, 309Kb expanded)

BENELUX - (51Kb compressed, 166Kb expanded)

BRITISH ISLES - (188Kb compressed, 644Kb expanded)

FRANCE - (145Kb compressed, 486Kb expanded)

GERMANY - (146Kb compressed, 497Kb expanded)

GREECE - (104Kb compressed, 380Kb expanded)

ICELAND - (87Kb compressed, 309Kb expanded)

ITALY - (183Kb compressed, 620Kb expanded)

MEDITERRANEAN - (818Kb compressed, 2.90Mb expanded)

SCANDINAVIA - (621Kb compressed, 2Mb expanded)

SPAIN AND PORTUGAL - (99Kb compressed, 338Kb expanded)



CANADA - (2.851Mb compressed, 10.02Mb expanded)

CARIBBEAN - (329Kb compressed, 1.28Mb expanded)

USA - (924Kb compressed, 3.458Mb expanded)


Asia and Australia:

AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND - (518Kb compressed, 1.986Mb expanded)

INDIAN SUBCONTINENT - (393Kb compressed, 1.355Mb expanded)

INDO-CHINA AND MALAYSIA - (515Kb compressed, 1.827Mb expanded)

JAPAN - (149Kb compressed, 519Kb expanded)

MIDDLE EAST - (722Kb compressed, 2.614Mb expanded)


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